Knight Academy Violin Outfit - 4/4 Full Size

RRP: £69.99

Price: £64.99

Knight Academy Violin Outfit - 4/4 Full Size

Knight Academy Violin Package - 4/4 Full Size.

NB. 5 sizes available - see below.
The Academy violins feature solid spruce tops, solid maple back and sides, solid maple neck with hand carved scroll, maple bridge, maple internal struts, hardwood finger board and pegs. The chinrest is Bakelite style plastic with twin adjustable rods and the tailpiece is metal with four adjustable fine tuners to make tuning easier on each string. The bow is made from Brazilwood with half mounted ebony frog and real horsehair. Rosin is included, which must be applied liberally to the bow to enable it to produce a sound from the violin. The whole package is rounded off with a good quality hard shell case covered in blue fabric with 2 outer pockets and 2 shoulder straps making it easy to transport.

Hand carved scroll, Solid spruce top, Maple neck, Maple back and sides, Hardwood ebonised fingerboard and tuners. Good quality metal tailpiece & fine tuners for all 4 strings.

Plastic chin rest. Hard maple bridge.
Brazilwood bow, (Bow is supplied un-tensioned
to reduce the risk of damage in transit).

Other sizes available , & ⅛ - please specify

  • Knight Academy Violin Package - available in 5 sizes
  • Hand carved scroll
  • Adjustable fine tuners - included
  • Brazilwood Bow with real horse hair
  • Violin Bow included
  • Violin rosin/resin included
  • Strong, lightweight case incuded
  • Perfect for students