Alesis DM7X Advanced Six-Piece Electronic Drumset

RRP: £599.00

Price: £489.00

Alesis DM7X Advanced Six-Piece Electronic Drumset

The Alesis DM7X Performance Electronic Drumkit (USB Drumkit).

Expanded kit combines advanced features and
great sound:
This kit has it all. The DM7X Kit serves up plenty of drums and
cymbals, an intuitive module with hundreds of sounds, and ties
it all together with a pre-assembled rack that will have you
playing in minutes. In addition to the low-noise Stealth Kick 2
pedal, the DM7X Kit drum set features ultra-quiet rubber drum
and cymbal pads, making it the ideal choice for professional
drummers who want an advanced electronic kit for quiet
practice. The appeal doesn't stop there. The DM7X Kit is an
excellent choice for any electronic percussionist, whether
you re just starting out, or looking to upgrade to a higher-quality
kit with a professional module.

The DM7X module is filled with sounds and surprises. The
back-lit LCD screen makes navigation a breeze. Drummers can also connect the DM7 USB Kit to their Mac or PC using the standard USB connection and included EZ Drummer Lite software from Toontracks. The DM7 USB Kit also works with virtually all MIDI software including virtual sound modules (VSTs), as well as recording, sequencing and programming applications. Drummers can further expand their sound palette by connecting the DM7 USB Kit to any MIDI sound module or other MIDI-compliant sound source.Drum and
cymbal buttons are arranged to resemble the layout of a
traditional kit, so it s simple to assign sounds and create kits
quickly. The DM7X comes complete with 40 classic and
modern ready-to-play kits. Easily tweak any existing kit, or
create your own using the 385 superior drum, cymbal, and
percussion sounds included in the DM7X module.

DM7X Advanced Drum Sound Module with power supply
Kick Drum
Extra-quiet Stealth Kick 2 compact trigger pad
Chain drive X Kick Bass drum pedal
8'' dual-zone advanced-design trigger pads
Snare (x1) + Toms (x4)
10'' single-zone cymbal pads with choke
Hi Hat (x1) + Crash (x2) + Ride (x1) Cymbals
Hi-hat control pedal
Pre-assembled rack and all mounting hardware
Convenient cable snake and all additional required cables
Logo Plate
6 Mounting Strips
Assembly Guide
User Guide
Safety & Warranty Manual

Stereo outs - connect to any PA sound system
Headphone out for private practice
Includes all required cables, mounting hardware, and power supply

Also available: Alesis Transactive Drummer Amp.
Optional: Alesis DM7X Kit plus Transactive Drummer Amp package - only 488

  • Complete kit with pre-assembled rack has you playing in minutes
  • Expanded setup provides a staggering six drums plus four cymbals
  • Advanced DM7X module with backlit LCD and intuitive layout
  • 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits 385 drum and cymbal sounds
  • Built-in sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder add versatility
  • Practice your skills with 60 play-along tracks or use the CD/MP3 aux input
  • USB/MIDI connection for use with virtual instrument and recording software
  • MIDI in and out ports for connecting directly to stand-alone MIDI gear, //

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