Alto Kick15 400 watt Instrument Amp/Combo/Portable PA

RRP: £299.00

Price: £299.00

Alto Kick15 400 watt Instrument Amp/Combo/Portable PA

More Power, Better Components, and Built-In Alesis Digital Sound Processor. 15'' Driver for a full bass-response!
Imagine a keyboard amp that's been designed with the same passion, attention to detail and enthusiasm as today's leading guitar and bass amplifiers. That's the Alto Kick15.

The Kick15 represents a new and more powerful amplifier design for keyboardists, drummers, bass players and those needing a personal PA. You get 400 Watts of peak power in a true bi-amped design with a custom-tuned electronic crossover, an integrated four-channel mixer and built-in Alesis effects. Just like Alto Professional's industry-leading Truesonic loudspeakers, the Kick15 is a fine-tuned performance-hungry machine. Each component has been optimized for maximum efficiency, giving you an amplifier that sounds amazing, is lightweight, and has everything you need without the filler.

A KICK IN THE PANTS: When it comes to raw power, the Kick52 isn't messing around. Unlike tired amp designs that recycle the same outdated technology, the Kick12 incorporates modern circuitry to give you 400 Watts of peak power in an astonishingly lightweight enclosure. It's been designed and tuned by passionate audio enthusiasts to give you the best audio quality and power output in its class. With the Kick 15, none of that massive power gets wasted. Even the speaker baffle has been designed to direct your sound with precision, holding both the woofer and tweeter at a slight upward angle to accomplish the best throw.
TWO AMPS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: At its heart the Kick15 is multifunctional. Its host of inputs and outputs, on-board four-channel mixer and built-in effects allow you to use it as keyboard amp, drum monitor, electronic percussion amplifier or even as PA system for small to medium-sized gigs. With this much versatility, you need an amplifier that's going to run efficiently and sound great night after night. The Kick15 has a true bi-amped design, giving its 15'' LF woofer and 1'' HF driver each their own dedicated amplifier. Neither gets overworked, and neither gets neglected. You hear every frequency, clean and crystal clear.
FREQUENCY FANATIC: Anybody can throw together an amplifier with off-the-shelf-components and call it a day. At Alto Professional, we build the gear that we want to use, and we don't want just any crossover hacking up your signal path. The Kick15 employs a handpicked, custom-tuned crossover that splits your signal with razor-sharp precision and doesn't get in the way. No highs overworking the woofer, and no lows getting lost in the tweeter. Just clean and crisp sound at every gig.

Give your performance a professional edge with onboard 24-bit DSP effects designed in partnership with Alesis. We worked closely with Alesis, a company that has been setting standards for DSP technology for nearly three decades. Experience premium effects without the fluff. The Kick15 comes packed with 16 genuine Alesis effects, including delay, flanger, chorus and multiple reverbs. Each effect has 16 different variations, giving you a total of 256 effect presets to choose from. A footswitch input allows you to activate or bypass the effects channel instantly while you perform (footswitch not included). FX Level controls are located on all four channels, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of effect on each channel.

The Kick15 from Alto Professional is a reimagining of what a keyboard amp should be, built from the ground up. Massive power, essential capabilities and precision-engineered components come together to give you an amplifier that simply sounds and performs better.

4-channel mixer with stereo line inputs on each channel and an XLR input on Channel 1
400 Watts peak power, 200 Watts continuous
15 low-frequency transducer, 1 compression driver
Custom-tuned electronic crossover provides superb frequency response
True bi-amped design provides dedicated power to high and low drivers
Built-in Alesis digital effects processor with reverb, delay, chorus, and more
256 effect presets: 16 effects with 16 variations each
Integrated folding steel kickstand provides the ideal monitoring angle
Level, effects, and high & low EQ controls on all four channels
Stereo RCA input for connecting MP3 players and other audio devices
Footswitch input allows instant activation or bypass of effects
1/4'' headphone output with dedicated volume control
Angled speaker baffle for optimized throw
Dual XLR and 1/4'' Mix outputs
Ground Lift switch

Dimensions (WxLxH): 19in x 14.62in x 21.5in
Weight: 35 lb

  • 400 Watts peak power, 200 Watts RMS
  • 15 Speaker, 1 horn
  • Custom-tuned electronic crossover
  • Integrated folding steel kickstand provides the ideal monitoring angle
  • Built-in Alesis digital effects with reverb, delay, chorus, and more
  • 256 effect presets: 16 effects with 16 variations each
  • 4-channel mixer with stereo line inputs on each channel & an XLR input on Channel 1

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