Behringer TU300 Chromatic Guitar/Bass Tuner Pedal

RRP: £35.99

Price: £29.99

Behringer TU300 Chromatic Guitar/Bass Tuner Pedal

Most guitarists and bassists tune to standard tuning: (low to high) E, A, D, G, B, E for guitar and E, A, D, G for bass. Still others like to detune their instruments for access to lower notes and increased string flexibility. No matter what you prefer, the TU300 can accommodate. Thatís because the TU300 gives you three guitar modes (regular, flat, double flat), three bass modes (regular, flat, double flat) and a chromatic setting. Whether you stay in standard tuning or detune the TU300 can accomplish this accurately.
Gives you 7 different tuning modes including Regular, Flat, Double Flat and Chromatic mode
Precise 7-segment LED and 11-point Stream Meter guarantee accurate tuning
Reference tone adjustable from 438 Hz to 447 Hz
Mute/bypass function for silent tuning
Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check
Electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
Runs on 9 V battery or PSU (not included)
High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life
Dimensions (WxHxD): 70 x 54 x 123mm
Weight: 330g

In-line chromatic gutar tuner pedal Easy-to-read digital display Auto chromatic tuning mode. Don't leave it to chance or to ear - this floor guitar tuner is easy to use to fine tune all types of guitars and bass guitars.

For electric and bass guitars simply plug your lead jack plug into the tuner's socket, play the string to be tuned and the display on the tuner will indicate if the note is flat or sharp. Then simply fine tune your guitar using the needle on the LCD screen. No musical knowledge is required with this bright easy to read screen.

Add a 6m guitar lead for £10 extra

  • Chromatic guitar tuner
  • Sturdy - built for the stage!
  • Chromatic - try alternative tunings!
  • Easy to see in dark environments
  • Mute/Bypass switch for silent tuning
  • Also tunes Bass,
  • Also tunes your Banjo, Ukelele, violin etc when fitted with a pick-up.

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