Bentley Saxophone Package

RRP: £399.00

Price: £249.99

Bentley Saxophone Package

Eb Alto Saxophone outfit includes Alto Saxophone, Saxophone Case, Saxophone Stand, Screw Driver, Mouth Piece & Cap, Ligature,Cap, Reeds, Music Stand & A Tune A Day Alto Saxophone Book 1. One of our favourite Student/Intermediate saxophones at a bargain price!

A fantastic solution for those learning to play the Sax!
This instrument is fully checked and tested for good playing-order before despatch.

  • Quality Student/School Saxophone
  • Great all-in-1 solution includes:
  • Instrument Case and Instrument Stand
  • Music stand and tutor book.
  • Reeds included.
  • High Quality Pads
  • All-in-one solution for sax players!
  • Over 120 worth of accessories - included!, //