Chord BJ-5G 5 String G Banjo

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Price: £149.00

Chord BJ-5G 5 String G Banjo

The Chord BJ-5G 5 String Banjo produces a quality sound, with great tone and projection. This traditional 5 string banjo is a pleasure to play, with high G string for bluegrass and finger picking styles. Body and neck are mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. The Remo coated drum head forms the sound board, supporting a floating bridge. Tuning is served by 4 open geared tuners at the headstock and a closed geared tuner for the high G. A fully featured instrument for folk and country music genres.

Famous of course for it's use in traditional folk music, the banjo's versatility has also proved popular with it's use in contemporary rock and pop music too. Features include: Gloss mahogany back. Remo head & Fingerboard inlays.

All geared tuners
Closed back body
Chrome plated arm rest
Tension adjustable tailpiece
Can accept loop or ball-end strings
2 eyelets for neck strap

Finish: Clear gloss lacquer
Body: Mahogany laminate, closed back
Drum head size: 280mm (11'')
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard & bridge: Rosewood
Tuning machine heads: 4 open geared + 1 closed geared
Nut width: 30mm
Scale length: 665mm
Tuning: High G, D, G, B, D
Orientation: Right-hand
Dimensions: 970 x 330 x 95mm
Weight: 2.31kg

Why not add a padded gigbag for your
banjo - providing portability & protection - extra 29

  • Chord Five String G Banjo
  • G Tuning
  • Remo head
  • Sound chamber with adjustable tension lugs
  • Quality geared tuning machine heads
  • Great projection
  • 5 String Banjo
  • 2 eyelets for neck strap

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