Chord TU-50 Pedal Tuner

RRP: £39.99

Price: £29.99

Chord TU-50 Pedal Tuner

The Chord TU-50 Pedal Tuner.
A fully chromatic pedal tuner for stage use with various electric instruments. A large 7-segment LED display indicates the closest note and a 9 LED ''virtual dial'' clearly shows the flat or sharp tuning variation. Dual outputs offer a choice of through or muted output when tuning is in operation.

•Through or muted outputs
•±2 cent tuning accuracy
•Wide tuning range from 31.77Hz to 4022.9Hz
•Powered by 9V battery or optional PSU
Power supply 9Vdc (battery or optional mains adaptor)
Dimensions 80 x 130 x 55mm
Weight 620g.

  • Chromatic guitar tuner for under £30!
  • Large LED display - great for stage use.
  • Through or muted outputs (for live silent tuning)
  • Very accurate
  • Choice of tuning frequencies
  • Powered by 9V battery
  • Strong construction
  • Experiment with different tunings

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