GPO ATTACHÉ - Suitcase Record Player

RRP: £89.99

Price: £75.99

GPO ATTACHÉ - Suitcase Record Player

GPO Attache Suitcase Vinyl Record Player
Stylish, lightweight, and available in a range of colours; this suitcase record player makes it simple for you to play your vinyl wherever you are.

Made of wood and bound in leatherette, this briefcase-styled record player features built-in stereo speakers so you can listen without needing an external speaker system.

The Attaché also comes with a USB stick so you can record your vinyl records on the go as well.

Leatherette finish; available in brown, red, sky blue, black and apple green

Dimensions: 355 x 275 x 135mm
Weight: 2.5kg

  • Plays all 3 record speeds: 33, 45, 78rpm
  • Built in speakers - RCA output for extra speakers
  • Auxiliary-in port to play MP3 or smart device through built in speakers
  • Manual pick up arm with ceramic stylus - Auto stop function
  • Built in record function
  • record vinyls to USB
  • Available in brown, red, sky blue, black and apple green

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170.612UK Brown
170.613UK Red
170.614UK Sky Blue
170.615UK Black
170.616UK Apple Green