Hohner Blues Blaster Harmonica Microphone

RRP: £192.99

Price: £169.00

Hohner Blues Blaster Harmonica Microphone

Hohner Blues Blaster Harmonica Microphone.
The Hohner Blues Blaster harmonica microphone - built for Hohner by Astatic. It's finally back after years of being out of production. The Hohner Blues Blaster is a favourite of the pro's. It features the traditional cup-shape housing which has been popular with the blues harmonica players for many years and includes a built-in volume control, a must for performing harmonicists. Chrome-plated grill and a durable, deep blue metallic, acrylic enamel. The Blues Blaster utilizes a high output crystal element which delivers the ideal sound for the blues, as well as other styles of music. The Blues Blaster has a frequency response of 30-10,000 Hz, high impedance so plugs straight into your amp, omni-directional, rugged and dependable. A must have for today's harp musicians. This rugged and dependable microphone for hamonicas has adjustable volume control, XLR cable socket, and comes with an XLR cable.

  • The perfect mic for harmonica players
  • Comfortable mic to hold while playing
  • Built-in volume control, player can easily adjust their own output
  • Omni-directional mic, rugged with the coolest styling
  • Traditional bullet shape with that Chicago-Blues tone!
  • Comes with 20 foot mic cable.
  • Give your harmonica playing the boost it deserves