Hohner Hoodoo Harmonica Amplifier

RRP: £410.00

Price: £359.00

Hohner Hoodoo Harmonica Amplifier

Hohner Hoodoo Harmonica Amplifier.
A killer sounding and nicely appointed little practice amp for guitar or harmonica. In combination with a high impedance microphone such as the Hohner Blues Blaster itīll give you the ripping, uncompromising sound that blues and rock players are looking for. A 5w valve amplifier with separate gain control and a unique tone voicing system that allows much greater flexibility than other popular practice amps, plus real spring reverb! This amp sounds gorgeous way down below 2watts, where other types of the 5w variety that we have tried fail to really impress unless cranked up to a quite loud level, defeating their purpose. Compact and well constructed, get that awesome, authentic tone!

  • Designed specifically to amplify harmonicas
  • 5 Watt Class-A Tube amplifier
  • Celestion Super-8, eight inch speaker provides fantastic 'Harp-Drive!'
  • EL84 Valve-driven power for rich harmonica overdrive
  • Direct XLR output for connection to PA system or studio
  • Classic looks and awesome tone
  • Classic spring reverb
  • Portable, Sturdy construction with cool design, //