LD Systems MEI 1000 In Ear Wireless Monitor System

RRP: £360.00

Price: £269.00

LD Systems MEI 1000 In Ear Wireless Monitor System

LD Systems MEI 1000
Reliable and affordable In Ear Monitoring.

LD MEI 1000

The next Generation of IN-EAR Monitoring

LD-Systems introduces the MEI-1000, a new generation of In-Ear Monitoring. The MEI-1000, just like the MEI-100, features 160 Channels in the UHF Band and can be purchased in different frequency groups within 790-814MHz. In the stereo mode (Focus mode off), the two input signals can be heard left and right over the receiver. On the receiver you can adjust the balance between the input signals.

In the Focus Mode (Double Mono on), both input signals are mixed and can be heard in the centre over the receiver. You can however adjust the mixing level between the two signals. One common application of this feature is that a musician can adjust the mixing level between his instrument and the rest. Keep in mind though that in this case, an additional aux send is required on the mixer.

3 Functions Selectable:
FOCUS Mode / STEREO Mode / MONO Mode
Lower Crosstalk
Clear and Dynamic Sound
Long Battery Runtime
L/R Adjustable
Sound Equalizer & Limiter Function
160 Channels in the UHF Band
Ergonomic Earphones incl. Gig Bag
New Multifunction Display on the Receiver
Menu Lock Function
Incl. 19'' Rack Mount Kit

Additional Bodypack Receivers are available separately to make a multi-user system, Please contact us for more information.

More information on the new channels and frequencies can be found at the JFMG website:

  • 160 frequencies, plus Channel 70 (free frequency)
  • Sound isolating headphones
  • Focus/Stereo/Mono - individual volume control
  • Transmitter Inputs: 2 x XLR/6.3mm Jack com,bo
  • Reduce hearing problems
  • Uses less floor space
  • Lighter than floor monitors
  • Reduces on-stage volume, //