M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro Package

RRP: £229.00

Price: £199.00

M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro Package

The M Audio Vocal Studio Pro is the all-in-one solution for your computer-recording projects.
Lay down vocals on your latest tune. Narrate your next podcast. Add a voice-over to your multimedia production. Vocal Studio Pro does it all. The unique combination of high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software makes it possible. Simply plug the microphone into the interface, connect the interface to the computer, put on the headphones, and you’re ready. Completing this powerful package are two complementary software selections: Avid® Pro Tools® Express and Ignite by AIR, the all-new music creation software. Together, they deliver a comprehensive path for transforming the ideas in your head into musical works and ideas you can share with the world.

Package Contents:
M Audio M-Track Interface
M Audio large diaphragm vocal microphone
M Audio studio headphones
Avid Pro Tools Express with iLok USB key
Ignite by Air (Download)
Mic clip
XLR microphone cable
USB cable
User Guides
Safety & Warranty Manual.

Software Synergy:
Your M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro comes complete with both Avid Pro Tools Express and Ignite from AIR Music Technology (downloadable below). These two programs can work alone or together to help you realize your musical dreams. Capture and arrange your ideas using Ignite, then use those tracks as the foundation for your professional production with Pro Tools Express.
Expandable Interface:
M-Track opens the door to enhanced computer-based music making. In addition to providing a superb sounding XLR connection—complete with phantom power—for your M-Audio microphone, M-Track offers the right connections for any audio source or instrument—even an electric guitar! Insert jacks allow you to incorporate your favorite effects. The low-profile design delivers professional control in a portable package.

  • Turn your PC or Mac into a vocal production studio > Complete, all-in-one solution
  • Large-capsule microphone > smooth, accurate vocal recordings
  • M-Track USB Audio/MIDI interface > the centerpiece of your computer music studio
  • Studio-grade headphones > comfortable and accurate audio monitoring
  • Includes Avid® Pro Tools® Express software
  • Includes Ignite software
  • Package includes the M-Audio microphone, M-Track interface, and headphones
  • You can also pug in guitars etc, //

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