Shaker Retro-Rocket Harmonica Microphone

RRP: £179.99

Price: £159.99

Shaker Retro-Rocket Harmonica Microphone

The Shaker Retro Rocket is a really cool harmonica microphone that's basically a no-nonsense, bullet-type Shaker mic retaining the qualities that made the great original bullet mics so special. With a hot dynamic element, rugged diecast metal housing, cast pewter grill & volume control, it uses a standard 1/4'' instrument cable. Totally vintage vibe & Totally cool! Strong, hot tone in a small package. Approx 2'' x 1.5'' small bullet-shaped microphone. Handcrafted in the USA.

SHAKER harp mics are great NEW harp mics, American Made and built by harp players at a price people can afford. These mics are TECHNIQUE SENSITIVE, which means that your technique can affect the way the mic sounds. Because of the SHAKERS unique case, you can actually increase the static pressure on the element, which can alter its tone, giving you control over not just the harp, but the mic as well!

(Harmonica not included).

  • The perfect mic for harmonica players
  • Comfortable mic to hold while playing
  • Built-in volume control, player can easily adjust their own output
  • Omni-directional mic, rugged with the coolest styling
  • Traditional bullet shape with that Chicago-Blues tone!
  • hot dynamic element, rugged diecast metal housing
  • Give your harmonica playing the boost it deserves
  • Handcrafted in the USA. , //

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