Valentino GR65049K F-shaped Silent Electric Violin in Black

RRP: £269.00

Price: £239.00

Valentino GR65049K F-shaped Silent Electric Violin in Black

The Valentino GR65049K electric violin is brilliant for practicing on. Headphones can be plugged directly into the on-board pre-amp, so you can play without anyone else hearing you. Then, when you're ready, you can plug it directly into a recording set-up, or an amplifier (not included) and play as loud as you want! These violins look and sound really cool, and they come complete with case (with carry strap).
The violin top and back are carved out from solid wood. The top is spruce and the back, sides and neck are generally from sycamore. The bassbar is an integral and tonally important part of the top.

Electric Violin in black with passive pick-up
Complete with Case, Bow and Shoulder Rest
4 tuning adjusters

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  • Valentino Electric Violin in Black GR65049K
  • Plugs into headphones
  • Plugs into amplifiers
  • Plugs into recording studios
  • Very light & easy to play
  • Comes complete with case
  • Bow included
  • Looks very cool!, //

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GR65049K: Valentino Electric F shape Violin, Black Finish.