Valentino VE-008 Electro-Acoustic Violin in Red

RRP: £229.00

Price: £199.00

Valentino VE-008 Electro-Acoustic Violin in Red

The Valentino GR6546B VE-008 Electric Violin in red.

Full size Frame style quiet electro-acoustic violin. Wooden frame body with ebony parts, metal tailpiece with fine tuners. Made in China, this outfit comes complete with Case, chin-rest & bow. Plug in your instrument lead, (not supplied) to any amplifier or recording unit using the 1/4'' input & adjust the volume and tone via the on-board EQ system.

Electric Fiddle Product Features:
Wooden frame body with ebony parts. Metal tailpiece with fine tuners
Either plug into an amp or play straight into the headphones
Complete with case and bow
Product Specifications
Weight: 1.50 kg (approx)
With Pickup
Made in: China

  • Valentino Electric Violin in red finish
  • Plugs into recording studios
  • Plugs into amplifiers
  • Plugs into headphones (with pre-amp)
  • Very light & easy to play
  • Comes complete with case & bow,
  • Eye-catching!
  • EQ fitted - Get in the mix!

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Valentino VE-008 Electro-Acoustic Violin red finish