Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp Guitar effect pedal with Bluetooth

RRP: £129.00

Price: £129.00

Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp Guitar effect pedal with Bluetooth

The NEW Zoom MS-100BT Multi Stomp guitar pedal with Bluetooth - the most advanced pedal to date in Zoom's revolutionary line of pedals, combines the power & flexibility of a multi-effects pedal & amp modeler with Bluetooth technology in a single stompbox design. With 100 pre-loaded stompbox effects & amp models, the MS-100BT also allows you to use Zoom's free iOS StompShare app, (available for download in Apple's App Store) with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, to buy & download additional downloads via Bluetooth.

Preloaded with 92 Stompbopx effects and 8 Amp Models:
With the size and weight of a typical single stompbox, the MS-100BT includes a thorough lineup of high-quality effects types. It features 92 stompbox effects and 8 amp models. Along with distortions, reverbs, modulations, choruses and other classic effects, its amp models simulate some of the most prized pieces of live and studio gear.

Buy & add effects with Bluetooth:
Using an iOS device (compatible with iOS 4.3 or later) and the free StompShare app, you can browse, sample, purchase and download additional effects for the MS-100BT instantaneously via Bluetooth technology. If you suddenly need a new sound in the middle of a band practice or recording session, you can purchase the effect you want and use it right away. Using Bluetooth to transfer effects purchased in the StompShare app to your MS-100BT, you can easily add effects to your pedal without needing to connect a dedicated cable. Transferring effects usually takes seconds.

StompShare virtual effects store:
StompShare is a virtual effects shop made especially for the MS-100BT. This shop wide range of both modern and classic stompbox effects, as well as and unique sounds designed by Zoom. With StompShare, you can check detailed descriptions of each effect, listen to demonstrations by professional guitarists and preview trial versions to your MS-100BT so you can test them yourself before making a purchase. Once you buy an effect via StompShare, it can be added to your MS-100BT and used like any of the pedal’s preloaded effects.
Try each effect for 15 mins before buying: In the virtual effect shop, you can choose any effect that interests you and try it out for up to 15 minutes. The trial effect will be temporarily installed on your MS-100BT via Bluetooth, so you can adjust parameters and create tones in combination with your other effects. Unlike in a real shop, you can try out the effects thoroughly with your favorite guitars in the comfort of your home or studio. This interactive trial will help you decide if you want to buy the effect and make it a permanent part of your MS-100BT.
* As of now, about 20 effects are available for purchase in the StompShare store. Additional effects will be made available periodically. * An iTunes® account is necessary to purchase effects.

Intuitive, easy to use interface:
We have further refined the simple user interface that was revolutionary in our G3 and G5. The LCD shows the current effect in use, while the scrolling function allows you to easily view the flow of your effects chain. With this intuitive, easy-to-use interface, creating amazing sounds is a breeze. Up to 6 effects at once: The MS-100BT allows you to utilize up to six effects simultaneously, as well as arrange them in any combination. This gives you the ability to craft classic sounds, as well as lush, complex tones. Leave the rules you learned behind and enjoy creative freedom with the MS-100BT.

Add 100 effects to your pedalboard: Cut down the size of your pedalboard by adding in MS-100BT to the mix. From a single pedal, you’ll have 100 effects types waiting at your feet to be called-up no matter have often you need them. Tweak your settings with ease: The MS-100BT’s front panel features three parameter knobs, which also function as buttons. These buttons can be used to open various menus, where you can then use the parameter knobs to tweak your effects settings to your liking. Remove and/or rearrange effect units, turn the AUTOSAVE function ON and OFF, recall patches and more with ease and efficiency.

Onboard auto-chromatic guitar tuner: Hold the footswitch down to activate the built-in chromatic tuner in an instant. Even on stage during a performance, all you need to do is move your foot to enable tuning. You can choose between a BYPASS mode that turns all the effects off and a MUTE mode that allows you to tune silently.
Tap the tempo using the footswitch: Use the Tap Tempo feature to set the tempo in real-time to the rhythm of a song as you play guitar. You can also use it to for delay times and modulation effect frequencies.
* The tuner cannot be used when the tap tempo function is active.

Program the order of your patches: With the MS-100BT, you can program which patches are recalled and the order in which they appear. For example, you could select three patches (A) CLEAN TONE, (B) HEAVY RIFF and (C) LEAD SOLO so that you can cycle through them each time you press the footswitch. You can create and save up to 50 original tones in this way.

Presets that are available right-out-of-the box: Right out-of-the-box, the MS-100BT allows you to create and store up to 50 of your original patches. To get you started, 30 of these patches are preprogrammed and form a versatile collection of guitar sounds that include some of the world’s greatest stompbox and amp effects.

Stereo input and output: In addition to the 8 amp models from the G3 and G5, studio-level compressor and reverb effects are also built in to the MS-50G. The pedal’s stereo output jacks allow you to use line connections for direct recording of its powerful guitar sounds. Moreover, the pedal’s stereo inputs let you use the pedal with not only guitars, but stereo instruments such as synthesizers and samplers, as well as other effects and processors that have stereo outputs.

Stay up-to-date via Bluetooth: When connected to StompShare via Bluetooth, you can perform system firmware updates to keep the functions of your MS-100BT on the cutting-edge.
* The StompShare iOS app is used to update the firmware.

  • NEW Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp multi-effects pedal & amp modeler
  • 100 pre-loaded stompbox Fx & amp models,
  • Includes distortions, reverbs, modulations, choruses and other classic effects
  • Studio-level compressor and reverb effects also built-in
  • Built-in chromatic tuner with MUTE mode for silent tuning.
  • NEW effects are available for purchase in the StompShare store
  • Use up to 6 effects simultaneously - in any order you prefer.
  • Stay up-to-date via Bluetooth.