Chord 8:8 XLR Multicore Reel 10 meters

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Price: £79.00

Chord 8:8 XLR Multicore Reel 10 meters

Chord 8:8 XLR Multicore Reel
Ideal for use on stage or in theatres, the multicore is mounted on a handy drum to help reduce rigging and de-rig times.

8 x XLR sockets on drum and 8 x XLR plugs on trailing tails
Each cable numbered for easy identification
Screened cable
Tubular metal frame/stand
Integral carry handle and winder
Fitted with cable gland and strain relief

  • Numbered XLR connectors for identification
  • Balanced connections:
  • Sends: 8 XLR (Mic inputs)
  • Screened cable
  • Cable length: 10.0m
  • Cut down on messy cables!
  • Distance yourself from the stage
  • Use for Drummer's sub-mix etc

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